We discuss how portfolio diversification can solve problems for you and your clients, and how we’ll make progress on your business goals. On this call we’ll determine if our philosophy aligns with your firm and the needs of your clients.


We make you a master of diversification. It’s the first step in changing dialogue with a client from return to risk. We guide you through a complete understanding of our presentation. This way, you don’t simply present it to clients, but can provide thorough answers to any questions that arise.


We onboard your firm first with the TAMP provider, Adhesion. This includes a step-by-step process of how to link your firm and Adhesion.


We then onboard your clients. We ensure you can walk through clients step-by-step to help them understand the benefits of a diversified approach. For each client, we explain which, when, and how their accounts should be switched over to a diversified process. 


We set up quarterly calls with Randy to discuss any questions you have, leads you’ve generated, and growth for your firm.

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