DataDriven Advisor provides financial advisors with outsourced portfolio management via our methodical, repeatable and robust processes. Advisors spend too much time guessing, which means clients take on unnecessary risk in their portfolios. Our investing philosophy lowers risk without harming expected return. Advisors use our materials to educate clients and provide actionable advice, eliminating the need to guess.


DataDriven Advisor is here to change the advisor-client dialogue around returns. Instead of focusing on what advisors can’t control, we focus on a lean range of less-risky outcomes. Our risk-oriented methods provide the best range of outcomes for your client’s goals and removes the expectation that you can predict the future. DataDriven Advisor knows that more client discussions should be about risk, rather than returns.


Randy Kurtz founded DataDriven Advisor to transform advisors’ businesses. The company came from his own experience reaching and replicating explosive growth, and his ability to take the guesswork out of portfolio management to provide in-depth financial planning and advice for clients. DataDriven Advisors is committed to trust, integrity, and accountability. Every decision we make is in the best interest of the end client. Our reputation is built on doing right for them. Our business is built on the advisors’ trust in our process, and the transformation possible when advisors can quantify and justify client risk.


DataDriven Advisor's series of portfolios takes a global approach to asset allocation, spanning multiple asset classes with different risk characteristics (U.S. stocks and bonds, international stocks and bonds, emerging market stocks and bonds, real estate, gold, and commodities). To understand the risk level of such diversified portfolios, we build proprietary quantitative models based on math, historical data, and finance. These models quantify both the relative risks of these asset classes and the extent to which those risks tend to expand or offset one another. Combining high risk, low correlation assets to a portfolio can dramatically reduce the overall risk.

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